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Get started

The best way to start with LinkFive is to sign up and connect your subscriptions to LinkFive. You can use our platform SDKs or API to integrate your subscriptions in your app.

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Connect your subscriptions

To connect your subscription to LinkFive it is necessary to connect to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Google Play Store

The Google Play Store allows you to connect using a Google Service account. This must be created once and is valid until it's deleted.

Read how to Connect to Google Play Store

Apple App Store

The Apple App Store does not yet have an open API to manage subscriptions. To be able to offer this anyway, we use the Appstore connect web login to get all the necessary information from the Apple App Store.

We do not store passwords or login information. When you log in, we receive a short-lived cookie from Apple with which we can obtain the required subscription information.

Use our platform SDKs

  1. Flutter Purchases SDK
  2. iOS Purchases SDK
  3. Android Purchases SDK