Flutter In-App Subscription Management

Easily implement app store subscriptions with our Flutter plugin and start growing your revenue.

  • Setup in-app subscriptions in minutes
  • Configure new pricing with just a mouse click
  • Advanced revenue Analytics for Flutter
  • Extended Flutter Subscription User Management



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Subscriptions Offered per User

Complete infrastructure for appstore subscriptions


Integrate in-app subscriptions in your Flutter app without any server code. It only takes 4 lines of code.

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Powerful revenue and user acquisition analytics. Integrations with mobile analytics, marketing platforms and messengers.


Run A/B experiments on your in-app subscriptions. Find the right pricing in order to maximise you revenue in all of your markets.

We Are Going Open Source

We're making our server code open source to accelerate innovation. We believe that open source is the future of software development, and we're committed to making our code as accessible and easy to use as possible. We are currently working on cleaning up the code so we can make the project public on Github.

The In-App Subscriptions Service

Improve your Subscriptions with LinkFive

App Store connection in a super simple way!

Your subscriptions are instantly delivered from the App Store to your app. We take care of all edge cases, so you can focus on building a better app.

  • Subscriptions ready in 30 minutes
  • We validate the receipt for you
  • No subscription hardcoding. Replace your subscriptions in seconds
  • We always make sure your subscription is valid


User Management at its best

With our user management, you can see exactly who is using your app and who is purchasing your subscriptions.

Manually assign your users a premium plan for a specific time or link different user accounts to an existing premium plan. Your users can even own and benefit from the same plan on multiple platforms.

  • Multi platform subscription plans
  • Enable team subscriptions
  • Family subscription plans are even possible

Manage Subscriptions with LinkFive

Purchase Overview for all users on all platforms

You can see all purchases for each of your users at a glance.

If you want to give a user premium for a month through a customer request, you can simply create a custom plan for that user.


We connect all user sessions to your internal user ID

Whether your user is on Android, iOS or Web, we link all sessions to your own User ID and give you full control.

And if one of these sessions makes a purchase, all user sessions will receive the same premium status.

Server Api

When a user purchases a product in your app, we store the purchase in our database and update the entry if the user cancels it. You can then retrieve the purchase with your server and our Api-Key, regardless of which app store the purchase was made in.

Our Server Api has several API-Endpoints. Please check out our Swagger Documentation

Improve your Subscriptions with LinkFive

Test new subscription prices in seconds

Modify in-app subscription prices with a finger click and make code changes a thing of the past.

Enable your marketing team to run marketing campaigns targeted on country, app version, operating system and more. With LinkFive everything is dynamic, adjustable and customizable for your needs.

  • A/B Testing for Prices
  • Run Marketing Campaigns
  • Configure global pricing

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