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Get Started with Flutter

Get Started with Flutter

Implement our Flutter plugin and easily add subscriptions to your Flutter app.

Add the Plugin to your app

Add linkfive_purchases plugin to your Flutter project:

$ flutter pub add linkfive_purchases

Or open pubspec.yaml and add the dependency to your app:

linkfive_purchases: ^3.0.0

Please also checkout our official plugin and it's documentation:

Implementation Guide

We have created separate documentation for each step of your Flutter implementation.

  1.  1. Initialize Flutter
  2.  2. Get All Active Subscriptions
  3.  3. Show your Subscription Offer
  4.  4. Make a Purchase

Quick overview

Initialize the plugin and listen for updates

You can sign up here and get your api key.

// Get your API key after sign up
await LinkFivePurchases.init("LinkFive Api Key");

Fetch your subscription offering / Fetch your products

// or also
LinkFiveProducts? products = await LinkFivePurchases.fetchProducts();

Listen to your subscription updates:

// Subscriptions to offer to the user
// Active subscriptions the user purchased

Make a purchase:

// This handles the entire purchase process

That's it. We recommend to use the Provider plugin or any other state management systems for Flutter.

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