Connect your Server to our Subscription API

Connect your servers to LinkFive an check if a user purchased a subscription with your internal user id.

One Server Api to check Subscription Purchases for all Stores

App Stores

Regardless of whether your users use iOS or Android, with our Api we link both worlds.

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API Keys

You only need a Server Api Key to get Started. Just Login and go to the API Tab to generate a new Server Api Key

Swagger Specs

We have documented our api with swagger so that you can start implementing it right away.

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Server Api

When a user purchases a product in your app, we store the purchase in our database and update the entry if the user cancels it. You can then retrieve the purchase with your server and our Api-Key, regardless of which app store the purchase was made in.

Our Server Api has several API-Endpoints. Please check out our Swagger Documentation


We offer a range of integrations. Here are a few:


Connect LinkFive to Zapier for Purchase Events

Whenever a user Purchases an In-App product in your App, you can use Zapier to get real-time purchase events.

With Zapier, you can connect these events to Slack, Google Teams, Google Sheet or thousands of other apps.

READ our Zapier Docs


Example Purchase Events

The "NEW_PLAN" purchase event will be triggered whenever a user of your app purchases a new iOS or Android subscription in your Flutter app. The event-data will then be delivered to your integration like Zapier.

You can forward the event to your Company's chat system such as Slack, Google Chat, Discord or even Google Sheets.

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