Flutter in_app_purchase plugin

Sometimes it is difficult to choose between different plugins. Here is a short overview of the advantages of the LinkFive Flutter plugin compared to the in_app_purchase plugin.

Valid Purchase & Validation

When a user makes a purchase through an App Store, the app is notified at the time of purchase. But what happens if the user subsequently cancels the App Store purchase? Is the app notified somehow?

in_app_purchase Plugin

  • No Receipt Validation
  • No Subscription Status Notifications

The plugin can only communicate programmatically with the App Stores when the app is open and there is no server-side validation. If a user makes a purchase through your app and cancels it in the App Store, the app will only notified when the app is open and you check validation manually.

With Apple it is even more difficult than with Google because you only get the receipt of the Flutter iOS SDK. The receipt must then be sent manually to Apple together with the subscription password to find out whether and how long the subscription will last.

LinkFive Plugin

  • Daily Receipt Validation
  • Instant Subscription Status Notifications

The LinkFive Flutter plugin communicates with the LinkFive server and knows at any moment that a subscription has been purchased or cancelled by the user in the App Store.

The app is immediately notified of a successful purchase. If the user cancels a subscription, we notify the app immediately.

Cross Device Premium Plan

If a user buys a subscription on iOS, and the app is offered on Android, iOS and maybe even the web, the user should have an active subscription regardless of whether it is Android, iOS or web.

in_app_purchase Plugin

  • Only purchase on current device

The plugin only serves as a bridge to the native purchase sdk. So when a user buys a subscription, there is no synchronisation between the stores or between the devices.

LinkFive Plugin

  • Shares purchase regardless of device type. iOS, Android & Web.

With LinkFive, the purchase is linked to the user. If the user has an active purchase, the user gets the purchase status no matter where they log in.

LinkFive's new user management even allows a premium status to be manually assigned to a user.

Dynamic Offerings

If an app wants to be successful, it must tailor its offer to the country. We have seen with our clients that certain plan lengths sell better in certain countries than in others.

in_app_purchase Plugin

  • Hardcoded Product Ids

With the Flutter plugin, all product IDs must be entered as a string in the code. Once the app is released, you cannot change the product ids dynamically. Changes are only possible after a new app release

LinkFive Plugin

  • Dynamic product offer that can be tailored to a country.

The offer can be changed dynamically in our web UI. This means that the offer can be changed immediately for all app versions all over the world or even only in certain countries.

And finally: LinkFive uses the native in_app_purchase flutter plugin as the basis for its plugin. So if you use LinkFive, you also get all the features of the official in_app_purchase plugin.

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