LinkFive Web Dashboard

The LinkFive Dashboard shows all the important KPIs of your app. All data displayed is real-time data and are updated instantly a user makes a purchase in your app.

Total Active Subscribers

LinkFive Dashboard all active subscribers

When a customer buys a subscription, he is an active subscriber.

All active subscribers are displayed on the LinkFive Dashboard each month. See the evolution of all subscribers over the last months. With LinkFive, it doesn't matter if your users come from iOS, Android or the web.

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

LinkFive Dashboard MRR

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) determines how much you earn per month.

If your client subscribes for one year, your monthly recurring revenue is 1/12 of the annual subscription for the coming year. MRR is one of the most important KPIs for companies selling subscriptions.

Monthly Tracked Revenue (MTR)

LinkFive Dashboard MTR

Monthly Tracked Revenue (MTR) determines how much revenue you make in a single month.

If your client subscribes for one year, your monthly tracked revenue would be the full amount of the one year subscription. The MTR is important for the finance department as it indicates how much cash flow is available in a single month.

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