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Forever Free Plan
0€ / moup to 5.000€ MTR- every monthNo credit card required!
Growth Plan
6€ / moper 1.000 MTR- 5.000€ MTR still free 
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What is MTR?

MTR stands for Monthly Tracked Revenue and represents how much revenue the company earned per month.

What is the difference between MTR and MRR?

MTR is the total revenue in one month. MRR is the revenue divided by the term. Example: A subscription costs €12 and is purchased in January for the duration of 12 months. MRR would be 1€ for the next 12 months (January to December). MTR would be 12€ in January.

What happens when I reach 5.000€ MTR. Will the first 5.000€ remain free?

Yes, the first 5.000€ MTR will remain free. For example, if you would increase your MTR to 5.001€, your bill would be 6€.

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