Subscriptions as a Service

LinkFive simplifies your subscription business from creating your subscriptions in all App Stores to implementing purchases in your app.

Create and Manage your App Store Subscriptions

Create your Subscriptions with LinkFive

With LinkFive, you are able to create your subscriptions in one place and sync them with your app stores like Google Play Store or Apple App Store Connect.

Your benefit:

  • Create once & synchronize automatically with all Stores
  • Instant subscription delivery to your App via SDK or API
  • Enhance your subscription price with our price algorithms & price strategies
  • No need to compare your country prices between all stores

Edit and Manage your Subscription Store Listing

It is possible to edit your subscription description and store listing in all languages on LinkFive and synchronize them with your App Stores.

LinkFive can create your subscription and synchronize them with all app stores

Deliver your Subscriptions to your Users

Playout our Subscriptions to your users

LinkFive Subscription Playout

Deliver your subscriptions directly to your users via API or SDK. Our service takes care of the hard work so you can focus on your product.

Bundled Subscriptions

Your subscriptions are in a single workspace and can be delivered bundled to all your platforms simultaneously. No need to hardcode your product ID or SKU into your app anymore, our SDK and API cover everything and provides your app with all the necessary subscription information.

Engage your target audience and deliver your subscriptions

Distribute the right subscriptions to the right users by creating a filter. Our Subscriptions as a Service system plays out the right subscriptions to your users.

Country targeting and marketing campaigns are easily possible with LinkFive!

Filters to:

  • Users in a specific country
  • Users with a specific app version
  • Specific users with your user ID
  • Users who came into the app with a UTM campaign

And many more...

Playout our Subscriptions to your users

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