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LinkFive v2 Release - Now with Subscription User Management

By Alexander Thiele - Average reading time: 2 minutes

We have been successfully working the last few months on v2 of LinkFive and are proud to roll out the new version on production this week!

The latest version paves the way for us to integrate other payment providers such as web subscriptions via Stripe and Paypal, as well as Google Play and Apple App Store subscriptions.

We are integrating a new version of our user management and linking users to payments in a new way. With the newest update, we will be able to develop a new user interface for all our LinkFive customers where all users and their premium status will be visible and manually adjustable. This will enable all customers to provide successful customer support to their users.

Please update your libraries to at least v2.0.0.

Our subscription management in detail

Since the last update of Apple Notifications, it is possible to map the complete subscription status of a user with purely notification updates. Therefore, we are switching our user management to Google and Apple notifications. Whenever a user renews or cancels their subscription, we receive a notification and can edit the user's status and update your app.

Upcoming features

We will first roll out this change to all our customers and make sure that every single user is securely shifting to the new system.

Next, we will focus on the user management view of our website. All users will be searchable by our user id or your own customer id. This feature will be FREE for all our customers!

We will be heading to web subscriptions later this year.

Stay tuned!

First published on Apr 07, 2022, last updated on May 10, 2022

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